AiM Complete OTK Kart Non-Contact Brake Position Sensor Kit


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Non-Contact OTK Brake Sensor.

The non-contact brake position sensor kit.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for all OTK Karts
  • Complete with brackets & fittings
  • Compatible with MyChron4 & MyChron5 dashes
  • 712 - 719 4 pin patch lead
  • Free race studio 3 download

Non-Contact Brake Sensor

AiM non-contact brake position sensor kit to suit OTK Kart is designed to measure the brake pedal travel to see if the driver is pressing the pedal to their full capacity.

The kit has been designed specifically to fit onto all OTK Karts and comes complete with all the necessary brackets making installation very easy.



 The magnets simply mount to the pedals and the sensor to the Kart, with no messy wires getting in the way.

It gives an extremely precise indication of the pedal position, measures its travel and shows all values in percentage in a 0 to 100 range.

A very simple and easy way to evaluate a drivers behaviour and improve their performance.


Suitable for use with the MyChron4, MyChron5, MyChron4 2T, MyChron5 2T, MyChron5 S, MyChron5 S 2T Kart Dash / Data Loggers. The sensor is supplied with a 712 - 719 4 pin patch lead required to connect the sensor to the MyChron Expansion box, the standard method of connecting it to your system.


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    AiM Complete OTK Kart Non-Contact Brake Position Sensor Kit


    AiM Complete OTK Kart Non-Contact Brake Position Sensor Kit



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