Link G4 KnockLink Kit - Includes Knock Sensor & Loom

The G4+ KnockBlock is an essential tool for tuning and can aid in the early detection of incorrect ignition timing, lean air/fuel mixtures and mechanical issues. It is used with earbuds, headphones or noise-cancelling earmuffs and features special filtering to allow you to listen in and detect knock early.  

Simple Operation

The colour of the LED represents four different modes:

Dim Blue - KnockLink is powered, waiting for the engine to be started
Flashing Blue - KnockLink has detected the engine has started and is now calibrating
Dim Green - KnockLink is adapting to the engine's noise profile and listening for knock
Flashing Red - KnockLink has detected knock. Avoid large throttle openings, seek professional advice


Link G4 KnockLink Kit - Includes Knock Sensor & Loom

  • Knock Sensor
  • Loom

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