Tyre Pressure Monitoring System CAN Receiver


Tyre Pressure Monitoring System CAN Receiver Our new TPMS CAN receiver, records the data from your sensors so...

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System CAN Receiver

Our new TPMS CAN receiver, records the data from your sensors so you can check the pressure and temperature of your tyres.

Key Features:

  • CAN Receiver records your data
  • Lightweight
  • Baud Rate: 0.8000bar
  • 12V-24V
  • Pressure Accuracy +/-20mbar
  • 4 unique identification numbers

TPMS CAN Receiver.

 Our TPMS CAN receiver is compatible for race car applications and competitions. The receiver utilises 1Mbit CAN (11bit) which has become the standard over the years for professional ECUs, data loggers and dashboards within the motorsport and automotive sectors.

The receiver has 4 unique identification numbers for corner positions, and will ensure that only the sensors with these numbers can be read.

The AiM sensors are already pre-assigned Front Right, Front Left, Rear Right, Rear Left so all you need to do is connect your sensors to the correct tyre and the dats will be recorded on the receiver and then overlay on to your dash.


Not Enough.

 Add a TPMS hand held programming unit to your kit. This will enable you to view the sensor serial number, battery voltage, pressure and temperature of the sensor.

The hand held unit also allows you to allocate or change serial numbers of any spare sensors to the 4 unique numbers which have been assigned to the individual receiver.

TPMS Connections.

The AiM Tyre Pressure Monitoring System can be used with all of our dash loggers (except Solo 2). You can add a 4x CAN connection multiplier and a GPS Module or our SmartyCam cameras to your system. See below: 

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CAN bus Receiver

  • Baud Rate: 1000kbps
  • DC: 12V-24V
  • Connection output for CAN 2.0 1Mbps 11bit
  • Pressure accuracy +/-20mbar
  • Temperature Resolution: 1°
  • Sealing: IP67


    • CAN receiver with harness