AiM Absolute Boost Pressure Sensor M10 0-5 Bar


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AiM Absolute Boost Pressure M10 0-5 Bar

AiM M10 0-5 bar absolute pressure sensor.

Key Features:

  • M10 0-5 bar 
  • 4 pin 719 binder
  • Free race studio 3 download

Pressure Sensor M10 0-5 Bar Absolute

The AiM M10 0-5 bar absolute pressure sensor is suitable for manifold air pressure reading (MAP), being able to read depressions up to -1 bar in relation with atmospheric pressure, additionally to absolute pressures up to 4 bars.


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    Aim Pressure Sensor 0-5 bar Absolute 

    • Supply: 8-16 V
    • Accuracy: <+/-0.5% FS (CLNH - combined non-linearity and hysteresis)
    • Characterisation: 500 mV / 1 bar - 4500 mV / 4 bar
    • Consumption: < 10mA
    • Temperature working range: from -20C to 135°C
    • Sealing: IP66
    • Housing: 316 stainless steel
    • Weight: 30g
    • Cable Length: 400mm
    • Thread: M10 


      AiM Pressure Sensor 0-5 bar Absolute