Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Data Logger for Motorsport Activities

Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Data Logger for Motorsport Activities

When selecting a data logger for motorsport activities, such as racing or track days, there are several crucial factors to consider to ensure you get the most out of your investment. This guide expands on the key aspects and features of some top data loggers from AiM Shop to help you make an informed decision.

Key Considerations:

  1. Data Requirements
    • Types of Data: Determine which data points are essential for your analysis. Common data types include speed, RPM, throttle position, lap times, G-forces, and engine temperatures.
    • Data Integration: Ensure the data logger can integrate and synchronize data from various sensors and the vehicle's ECU (Engine Control Unit).
  2. Display Quality
    • Clarity: Opt for high-resolution displays that are easy to read in various lighting conditions. TFT displays are particularly advantageous for their brightness and clarity.
    • Size: Consider the size of the display based on your cockpit space and personal preference for viewing data at a glance.
  3. GPS Accuracy
    • Frequency: Higher GPS frequencies (e.g., 10 Hz or more) provide more accurate and detailed tracking of your vehicle's position and lap times.
    • Additional Features: Some loggers include GLONASS support for enhanced positioning accuracy.
  4. ECU Compatibility
    • Direct Connection: Verify that the data logger can connect directly to your vehicle's ECU to capture detailed engine and performance data.
    • Supported Protocols: Check the compatibility with your vehicle's specific ECU protocols (e.g., CAN bus, OBD-II).
  5. Memory and Data Storage
    • Capacity: Ensure the logger has sufficient onboard memory to store data from multiple sessions, especially for long races or track days.
    • Data Transfer: Look for features like Wi-Fi or USB connectivity for easy data download and analysis on your computer.
  6. Ease of Use
    • User Interface: A user-friendly interface simplifies setup and operation. Intuitive menu navigation and quick access to key functions are beneficial.
    • Software: Comprehensive data analysis software can help you interpret the collected data effectively.
  7. Durability
    • Build Quality: The data logger should be rugged enough to withstand the harsh conditions of motorsport, including vibrations, heat, and potential impacts.
    • Weather Resistance: If you race in varying weather conditions, consider a water-resistant model.
  8. Expandability
    • Additional Sensors: Check if the data logger supports additional sensors, such as temperature sensors, pressure sensors, or even video integration.
    • Modularity: Some systems allow for modular expansion, enabling you to upgrade your setup as your needs evolve.

Popular Options from AiM Shop:

  1. AiM MXS 1.3 Dash Logger
    • Features: This model includes a high-quality TFT display, integrated GPS, extensive ECU compatibility, and support for multiple sensor inputs. It also offers advanced data analysis software.
    • Ideal For: Users who need a comprehensive, all-in-one data logging and display solution. Its versatility and high-resolution display make it suitable for various motorsport disciplines.
  2. AiM MXT 1.3 10" TFT Digital Display
    • Features: The MXT 1.3 boasts a large 10” TFT display, customizable screen layouts, and extensive data logging capabilities. It's perfect for drivers who prefer a larger display for easier data viewing.
    • Ideal For: Racers who value a larger, customizable display that can show detailed information at a glance. Its size and clarity are particularly beneficial for high-speed environments.
  3. AiM Solo 2 DL GPS Lap Timer
    • Features: This compact device offers GPS and GLONASS support for precise lap timing, direct ECU data logging. It is lightweight and easy to install.
    • Ideal For: Track day enthusiasts and amateur racers who need accurate lap times and essential data without a complex setup. Its simplicity and portability make it a popular choice for weekend warriors.
  4. AiM MX UTV LCD Dash Logger
    • Features: Designed for off-road use, this logger includes an LCD display, integrated temperature sensor, and a rugged build to withstand harsh conditions.
    • Ideal For: Off-road racers and UTV drivers who require a durable and versatile logging solution. Its robust design ensures reliability in extreme environments.


Selecting the right data logger involves evaluating your specific needs, including the types of data you need to capture, display quality, GPS accuracy, and overall durability. AiM Shop offers a range of products tailored to different motorsport activities, ensuring you can find the perfect fit for your requirements.